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Caviar & Diamond Silk Exfoliating Mask

Diamond powder provides exclusive anti-aging, antioxidant and protective benefits. Black pearl provides precious marine proteins, minerals and trace elements. Hydrolyzed silk proteins, rich in amino acids, provide nourishing and protective benefits. Bromelain has an optimal effect on the softening and whitening of the skin. For all skin types. APPLICATION: After using the Caviar Cleansing Emulsion, apply a thin layer with fingertips to face, neck, décolleté and hands using ascending circular motions. Leave on for 5 minutes, rub gently to exfoliate and rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with your daily Massumeh skincare routine. Use once or twice per week.

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A luxurious gentle exfoliating mask, enriched with the regenerating energy of caviar, diamond powder, black pearl, hyaluronic acid and bromelain. Protein rich caviar with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, Essential Fatty Acids, amino acids and antioxidants provides anti-aging, remineralizing, protective and revitalizing benefits. 50 ml.


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